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Feature film coming out this weekend at a number of cinemas over the UK. More...

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The problem with education? Children aren't feral enough The 10-year-old Londoners I took to Wales were proof that a week in the countryside is worth three months in a classroom

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Welsh Assembly Government is asking for your help to measure the economic value of the outdoor tourism sector. More...

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Great Video re Conway Centre & outcomes.
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Its with great sadness we witness the loss of George Lowe More...

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How school trips can raise standards 

Guardian Round table debate 

Outdoor learning is in a class of its own

Learning outside the classroom builds children's confidence and can transform their relationships with teachers. So how can schools be encouraged to organise more outdoor activities? More...

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Latest update 24.09.2012 15:57 Our Natural Childhood Inquiry has found that parents need more support to make the outdoors a part of everyday family life if we’re to avoid rearing a generation completely cut off from the natural world.
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Royal visit to Outdoor Centre More...