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Judith Hackitt’s ‘Risk Assessment’ – Playing and learning

This week I had the pleasure of attending the House of Commons to speak at the launch of the Play Safety Forum's revised guidance on Managing Risk in Play Provision. It was good to chat with a number of dedicated people who are passionate about seeing children learn important lessons about life from outdoor play. HSE was happy to support the production of the guidance and drafted a joint high level statement with Play Safety Forum, which is included in the publication.
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Feature film coming out this weekend at a number of cinemas over the UK. More...

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The problem with education? Children aren't feral enough The 10-year-old Londoners I took to Wales were proof that a week in the countryside is worth three months in a classroom

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How school trips can raise standards 

Guardian Round table debate 

Outdoor learning is in a class of its own

Learning outside the classroom builds children's confidence and can transform their relationships with teachers. So how can schools be encouraged to organise more outdoor activities? More...

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This example shows how Neston High School secures high attainment and levels of progress through a well-integrated curriculum with a broad programme of learning outside the classroom (LOTC). This includes many residential visits, day trips and activities in the local environment. A ‘can do’ culture, more than any of the formal systems, adds the most value to enabling students to achieve well and thrive.

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Latest update 24.09.2012 15:57 Our Natural Childhood Inquiry has found that parents need more support to make the outdoors a part of everyday family life if we’re to avoid rearing a generation completely cut off from the natural world.
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Children should leave the classroom to develop a love of geography, says Michael Palin

  • Former Monty Python star said it is vital subject is made relevant and exciting


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NUT & NASUWT - Revisiting Risk Video

The aim of the film is to encourage schools to consider using skilled providers when offering children and young people the opportunity to enjoy potentially hazardous activities in a controlled way.

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LOtC resource packs
Whether you are new to LOtC or have years of experience in delivering lessons outside the classroom, our new LOtC resource packs aim to provide you with fresh ideas and the information you will need to deliver and develop your own lesson plans.