date.png Thu 7th Aug '14 time.png 10:08

Playground break time initiatives are amongst the most promising interventions that lead to increased physical activity.


date.png Thu 7th Aug '14 time.png 10:00

Update on "Abolish the AALA" May 2014 


date.png Thu 17th Jul '14 time.png 14:58

Ofsted praise Barrow Island Community Primary School for the way that residentials are supporting literacy.

Ofsted inspection of Barrow Island Community Primary School


date.png Mon 14th Jul '14 time.png 09:45

Interesting solution More...

date.png Fri 27th Jun '14 time.png 12:37

As the Government advocates the use of the Pupil Premium for LOtC activities, Council for Learning Outside the Classroom have put together information to give schools confidence in using the Pupil Premium in this way. More...

date.png Fri 23rd May '14 time.png 10:11

Research: School trips improve weaker pupils' writing A school trip to the zoo could help a struggling pupil to learn how to read or write, according to a new report. It aims to encourage pupils to take ownership of their work and can be used to teach most genres of writing, including narrative writing. Memorable experiences, such as trips to local landmarks or visits from World War II veterans, were used as a focus for writing lessons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is one of 4 project evaluations just published|531|595|529|530
Not all the others appear to show such strong effects/impact
date.png Mon 12th May '14 time.png 10:30

CHILDREN must play outdoors more to protect against cancer in later life, a major study urged last night.


date.png Mon 17th Feb '14 time.png 10:50

Disappointing that a need for this has come up again.

Obviously our message hasn't been getting through in some quarters.