date.png Fri 23rd May '14 time.png 10:11

Research: School trips improve weaker pupils' writing A school trip to the zoo could help a struggling pupil to learn how to read or write, according to a new report. It aims to encourage pupils to take ownership of their work and can be used to teach most genres of writing, including narrative writing. Memorable experiences, such as trips to local landmarks or visits from World War II veterans, were used as a focus for writing lessons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is one of 4 project evaluations just published|531|595|529|530
Not all the others appear to show such strong effects/impact
date.png Mon 12th May '14 time.png 10:30

CHILDREN must play outdoors more to protect against cancer in later life, a major study urged last night.


date.png Mon 17th Feb '14 time.png 10:50

Disappointing that a need for this has come up again.

Obviously our message hasn't been getting through in some quarters.

date.png Mon 27th Jan '14 time.png 08:41

As part of Mountain Training’s 50th Anniversary we’re launching a ‘Leader of the Month’ award, to help raise awareness of our unsung heroes and the inspiring work they do. Although the title of the award is ‘Leader of the Month’, you can nominate all coaches, leaders, instructors or course directors with a Mountain Training award More...

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Extracts from Micheal Gove's Speech and FSC future targets leaflet.
date.png Sat 14th Dec '13 time.png 12:05

The Scottish Parliament Education and Culture Committee.


date.png Fri 13th Dec '13 time.png 13:09

The winter of 2012 was one of the coldest, longest and busiest on record in the Scottish mountains. More...

date.png Sat 7th Dec '13 time.png 13:57

New UK map of bogus ‘elf and safety excuses Londoners report most ‘jobsworth’ decisions to myth buster panel

More people in London and the South East have reported ill-founded health and safety excuses than any other part of the UK, new analysis shows. Britain’s workplace safety regulator, the Health and Safety Executive, has analysed the national spread of all reports to the popular Myth Busters Challenge Panel – set up to clamp down on bogus health and safety excuses. The results show that more people report that they’re told “sorry, can’t do that because of ‘elf and safety’” in the capital and the South East than anywhere else – with more than fifty cases reported over the past year.
date.png Wed 6th Nov '13 time.png 11:12

Duke of Edinburgh's Award bosses hail easing of camping rules


date.png Mon 4th Nov '13 time.png 09:47

Judith Hackitt’s ‘Risk Assessment’ – Playing and learning

This week I had the pleasure of attending the House of Commons to speak at the launch of the Play Safety Forum's revised guidance on Managing Risk in Play Provision. It was good to chat with a number of dedicated people who are passionate about seeing children learn important lessons about life from outdoor play. HSE was happy to support the production of the guidance and drafted a joint high level statement with Play Safety Forum, which is included in the publication.