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A short piece on Adventurous Learning by beamingsimon 

School Travel Organiser is a magazine for teachers. I wrote a short article on Adventurous Learning for their readership. This might be the kind of easily digestible piece that can be shared with those colleagues and managers who require a little more persuasion before stepping outside the classroom… You can download it here.
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It's time to rewild the child – video

George Monbiot argues that the more time children spend in the classroom, the worse they do at school because our narrow education system only rewards a particular skill set. He says that when you take failing pupils to the countryside, they often thrive – yet funding for outdoor education is being cut

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Every schoolchild in England will have the chance to visit our inspiring National Parks at each stage of their education under plans announced today by Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss - as new figures reveal only 10% of schoolchildren currently have access to outdoor learning.

The new Plan for National Parks kickstarts a programme of activity to safeguard the future of these iconic landscapes, including by engaging young people throughout their education:


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Education through exploration Extracurricular getaways are becoming all the more exotic, but they’re much more than just fancy holidays

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The Government wants to create an environment which encourages walking and cycling, where cycling and walking is the norm for short journeys or as part of a longer journey.


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Are you visiting London and want to include Parliament in your programme? More...