Scottish consultation on review of AALA

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Scottish Government consultation about abolition of AALA  and potential replacement

Consultation on developing a safety system for Adventure Activities in Scotland - January 2012

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Part A Introduction

The UK Government has decided to abolish the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority ( AALA), the organisation responsible for licensing a number of adventure activities delivered to young people across the UKThe current statutory inspection and licensing regime will be replaced in England with a voluntary system. This follows recommendations in Lord Young's review of health and safety legislation for the UKGovernment " Common Sense - Common Safety".

Scottish Ministers appreciate that adventure activities have inherent risks, but clearly these need to be manageable. Therefore the replacement for AALAin Scotland will need to meet the needs of Scottish providers and users whilst being robust but also proportionate. In order to deliver our policy aspirations of increasing physical activity and the number of opportunities for outdoors activities, any replacement must provide confidence to users and the wider public while not creating barriers to participation. It should also enable the sharing of adventure activity good practice throughout Scotland.

This consultation paper sets out what the Scottish Government considers are possible options for creating a safe system for adventure activities in Scotland. It seeks the views of stakeholders and those with an interest in adventure activities to assist us in deciding what should be put in place to achieve what we want in Scotland.

Information about consultation in the Scottish Government, and how it forms part of the policy process, is provided in Annex A.

A consultation list is provided at Annex B.

Annex C provides information on how to respond to this consultation, how

responses will be handled and the next stages of the process. When responding we ask that you complete the Respondent Information Form included inAnnex C. This will ensure that your response is handled correctly.

Consultation runs from Friday 6 January 2012 to Friday 30 March 2012.

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