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Panel members represent Local Authorities and other employers such as academy trusts and independent schools.

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  OEAP and LOtC Badge

Council for Learning Outside the Classroom

The panel endorses and supports the LotC Quality Badge. Please see the Standards page for more information.

To find Local Authorities that accept the LOtC Quality Badge use the Find an Adviser search.

Advice for learning outdoors
Advice for learning outdoors
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High Quality Practical Training
High Quality Practical Training
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Sensible risk management for outdoor learning
Sensible risk management for outdoor learning
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Working to ensure high quality
Working to ensure high quality
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  The work of the Outdoor Education Advisers' Panel

Outdoor Learning is important to all young people.   

OEAP NAtional Guidance for Outdoor Education
The OEAP support all staff in Children's Services and schools taking young people outdoors to engage and enhance learning. It supports these aims by providing guidance contained in the OEAP National Guidance website.

OEAP members offer practical help, advice and support to staff taking children off site, to different environments including visits to local areas, museums, places of worship, visits abroad and adventure activities. 

The OEAP is not just about climbing and canoeing but OEAP members work with schools, settings and services to ensure staff have access to high quality advice to enable visits and outdoor learning to take place.

For details about OEAP membership, please click on Meet the Panel.
  Meet the Panel

The OEAP Panel

The Panel comprises advisers engaged by Local Authorities, academy trusts and independent schools in England and Wales. It provides a forum for sharing and developing good practice in Outdoor Learning, off-site visits and Learning Outside the Classroom.